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"We believe that problems can be solved, feelings can be heard, and wounds can be healed."
When you make the choice to attend a MarriageRestored weekend, you’ll hear from couples who have had challenges—many just like yours—in their own relationships. Each presenting couple, carefully selected and trained by MarriageRestored, will guide you and your spouse through the topics that are faced by many couples in crises. At the end of each presentation, you will return to your hotel room to discuss in private what you heard in the presentation —at MarriageRestored, you’ll never be asked to share your feelings with the group.

"There won’t be any books, any quizzes, any step-by-step guides...."

Throughout the MarriageRestored weekend, you’ll learn a communication technique that has helped millions of couples around the world safely and effectively discuss problems in their marriages, and you’ll leave the weekend with communication tools that can be used in your home long after your MarriageRestored experience.

At MarriageRestored, we won’t attempt to list and solve each problem that you may be facing; rather, we want you to work on the very foundation of your marriage—your relationship with each other. Within an open, safe and loving relationship, we believe that problems can be solved, feelings can be heard, and wounds can be healed. During a MarriageRestored weekend, you will find the environment of distrust, tension and distance you’ve been experiencing give way to communication, trust and restoration.

The end of each MarriageRestored weekend brings additional exercises for you to do at home—both together and on your own—that will build on the foundation you began on your MarriageRestored weekend. In fact, most MarriageRestored couples revealed that those “homework assignments” are a vital part of maintaining the vibrant, loving relationships they rebuilt on their MarriageRestored weekends.

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