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"My wife and I attended our weekend with an open mind but closed hearts. I had lost my faith in God, in humanity, and in myself. This weekend has given us the tools and inspiration we needed to lay everything on the table and work through our issues. We are only on our 3rd year of marriage but it was just about as bad as it could get. I was unfaithful, dishonest, and selfish. My wife is struggling with ADD and we have 2 beautiful girls. We held nothing back. Gave it our all and couldn’t believe how much could be resolved in 3 days. I was able to restore my faith and appreciate my wife more than I ever have. She was able to find the strength to forgive me. We know we have a long road ahead. We are just ecstatic to work through it and see a wonderful future ahead. It is what we needed and will be highly recommended. Thank you everyone with MR we love you guys and God Bless."
J&A "Team Awesome"

"My wife and I essentially were sitting and looking at the broken pieces of a marriage. We were angry, hurt, disillusioned...and almost ready to throw in the towel. We didn't know where or how to start the process of healing. Our weekend was such an awakening for us...a true life changing event! We went in skeptical with no expectations and left with a plan, with hope, and with a new found love for the person who had been right in front of us the whole time. The presenters are truly gifts to those who attend and their testimony and guidance will always be seen as a turning point in our lives! Thank you Marriage Restored."
Thankful in South Texas-

"My husband and I already had divorce papers filed in the courts. We attended a MarriageRestored weekend. Wow God does work. He can fix anything when it is for HIS glory. Thank you to the presenters for pouring their hearts out to us. A&J Ridgecrest CA "

"Our story may be similar to others out there, but let me just share a little background. We were married for 9 years, I had a five year old son, and my wife had a seventeen year old daughter when we got married. Blending our families was not an easy job; conflict resolution was our big issue. We heard about the MarriageRestored weekend at our church and decided to attend. We learned a new way to handle our conflicts. However, neither one of us was willing to change our ways, and we didn’t use the tools they taught us at our weekend. Our marriage ended in divorce. We were both miserable. After two years of being divorced, we attended another MarriageRestored weekend to attempt to put our marriage back together. We were determined not to fail again. The weekend we attended, plus meeting with a couple from our church on a regular basis enabled us to re-marry! We have now been remarried for two and a half years. I cannot say enough about the MarriageRestored ministry and what it has done for our marriage. I believe that most marital problems are a result of lack of communication or miscommunication. This is why MarriageRestored weekends work so well, it is a communication workshop. So, no matter what your crisis is, God can and wants to fix it. MarriageRestored can be the tool HE uses. "
Bob W

"The MarriageRestored Weekend in Fort Myers was the best experience in our 24 years of marriage. Thank you for your love for others. Thank you for your commitment to help hurting couples find forgiveness and healing. May God bless you and your Ministry."
M&S Florida

"My marriage was on the rocks, divorce or separation seemed the only answer. This weekend worked a miracle in us and in our marriage. God did something unexpected and amazing that I am so grateful for. Thank you presenters for sharing your struggles so we could find the courage to face our crisis and choose to conquer and love again. "
S in TX

"Yes, the MarriageRestored weekend has blessed us beyond words, we will carry this weekend into our future and with God's help have a marriage full of love, hope, joy and years of happiness. Thank all of you for sharing and opening up your hearts to us."
J & G B

"The MarriageRestored weekend has been more than a blessing - it has been a true gift from God. Coming into it, we both felt hesitancy at what would be expected of us, but the joy and forgiveness we discovered over the weekend far exceeded our expectations. We truly think that God has brought us together and has a wonderful plan for our lives."

"The MarriageRestored weekend has been a blessing to us, we are hopeful again as we look to the future with a renewed love and commitment to our marriage"
S&S, Kansas

"This weekend has been the most meaningful weekend of our entire relationship. Right before we came we were discussing seperation and had lost all hope of being able to heal our marriage. We are so greatful that God had other plans. It blessed us to see and hear from other couples who had experienced the same crisis we had and they were stronger for it as I now know we will be as well. We appreciate all of the presenters' willingness to share."

"The weekend helped me to realize that God does want my marriage to succeed no matter what has happened. I realized that even if adultery has been committed that God still wants to restore the marriage. How sad to realize that even the church has allowed itself to believe that God would want a couple to get a divorce in the case of adultery. There truly is nothing too big for God!"
Michele L

"This weekend has given me the necessary tools to win in my marriage. It was important for my wife and me to see how other couples have overcome and continue to work on their marriage. This weekend has been heartfelt and is truly a blessing to us."

"This weekend has allowed us to take the first steps in opening up our new communication. Our marriage can only improve after our experience this weekend."

"The weekend was an extreme blessing. It was nice to know that other marriages go through issues as we have. It was a reminder to us on how we need to be 'one' in our marriage. It was great to see how much we were loved and cared for by the presenters -- it made us feel special."

"This weekend gave us the tools we needed to communicate. I know why I felt the way I did, but I had never been able to explain it to my spouse before this weekend."
Anonymous Participant

"My husband and I have really enjoyed this weekend. We have found out things about each other that we didn't know. Our marriage will never be the same. I thank God for this seminar. It's good to know that my husband and I were not the only ones in our situation."
Indianapolis Couple

"The MarriageRestored weekend could not have happened at a better time in our lives. We were only married for 2 1/2 years, but were just days away from having the divorce papers finalized. I wasn't too fond of the idea of attending this weekend at first, and actually decided I'd go only to put an answer to two questions I had going through my head; whether this divorce was the right thing to do, or if we could salvage our marriage and work on it. Thank GOD it was the 2nd question that was answered. We prayed, talked, cried...and realized that we had to work on our marriage. By Sunday afternoon we had both agreed, Monday morning we were going to call both our Attorneys and cancel the divorce papers...which were set to be finalized later that week. God worked a miracle in our marriage, no doubt about that."

"Praise God that this ministry came to us when it did! We are a re-married couple that found out almost too late that it's easier to quit the second time around. We were able to learn how to see each other NOT as who they weren't or who they should be...but as who they are. We knew we loved each other, but we were FAR from liking each other. It is SO worth the time and energy to attend this weekend...words can not,not,not do this experience justice!"
R&T, Iowa

"This weekend gave a vision of hope in our marriage and the tools to accomplish what we now have hope for!! We saw couples who had not only survived their marital and personal crises, but had THRIVED in the days following. For the first time, I saw couples who obviously loved and respected each other, after walking through what has ended many, many marriages. That bolstered my hope. I don't want a marriage that survived a crisis, but remains in bitterness and distrust. I want to look at my husband with respect and love...and mean it!! Being on the weekend gave us an opportunity to look beyond the pain we were feeling, to connect over the distance we couldn't seem to bridge before, and the tools to bring that intimacy and conversation home. We are a long way from being completely restored, and it will take work on both of our parts for that restoration to be achieved, but we are on our way. And I don't believe we could have done it without this weekend."
GW, Illinois

"MarriageRestored has given us the tools to take home with us to help our marriage. We came into the weekend unsure of our situation, but are leaving with a new perspective. The weekend has helped to give us hope and a renewed ability to communicate"
WKS, Canton

"We can't express how much this weekend has helped our relationship. We came in not knowing what to expect and we were amazed that other couples were experiencing the same struggles as we were. This weekend has helped us be more open to each other and realize that our love for each other is deeper than we ever imagined. We have learned new tools of communication and we are going to continue to use them."
JES, Torrance

"Pam & I found this weekend exceeded our expectations. We knew it would be helpful, but the whole weekend was such a blessing to us. We now know the tools we need to move forward in our restored marriage."
FPW, Fontana

"It has been a wonderful, healing weekend for us. The presenters did a wonderful job of sharing their lives with us and giving us hope and information to use for a lifetime."
J & L, Indiana

"My wife and I have had problems communicating from the start of our marriage, but thanks to this weekend we have found new ways to speak what our hearts and minds need to say. Thank you for letting the Lord guide this ministry to families like ours. God bless you"
M & R, Griffith, IN

"My husband and I were living in two different homes when we attended MarriageRestored. Our marriage was almost over. I was already online looking up divorce papers. Our marriage had suffered an affair and years of fighting. My husband even said, after I signed us up, not to have hope. So I decided just to trust in God. After our weekend we both left learning so much about the true meaning of marriage. I would like to say he moved back in, but the truth is it took three months before he came home. I want everyone to know that without God, MarriageRestored, counseling, and a good support system, my marriage wouldn't be growing like it is today. Not only did we get back together, we are now walking with the Lord and understanding each other more than ever before. Don't give up on your marriage. I know the hard times, the painful days, and doubt you may be feeling, but if my marriage could be saved so can yours. So take the step and go to a MarriageRestored weekend."
Cindy and Moses

"The MarriageRestored weekend we attended helped us to regain a greater appreciation for one another, and it has helped us to realize that we DO LOVE one another, and that we do not want our Marriage of 13 years to end. We Praise God for this ministry and the blessing it has been to us! Thank You!!!"
J. & C T. West Lafayette, Indiana

"We attended a MarriageRestored weekend and felt it is well worth the time and effort. You come away with a different outlook on things. The couples are very nice and very sincerely want to help. I hope God blesses each one of them. Thank You!"
Jeremy and Vicki

"I walked into our MarriageRestored weekend broken, angry, feeling undescribable guilt, and wanting to be with someone else other than my husband. Our friends had gone to a MR weekend, and blessed us by paying for us to attend, so I felt like I was being "forced" into going. I wanted out of the marriage, and as far as I was concerned, it was over. I left at the end of that weekend, totally in love with my husband again, and also had the tools to make my marriage a success. I can honestly say, as bad as ours had become, I cannot imagine ONE COUPLE.... (no matter what the circumstances) leaving an MR weekend still considering divorce. You owe it to YOURSELF and to God, to try this last effort before you end it. God Bless you! I'm praying you through!!!"
Crestview, FL

"About 4 years ago we attended a MarriageRestored weekend. I told my husband that our marriage was over, but had promised him I would attend this weekend as a last chance effort. I am so happy to say we are still married and very happy at that. It's amazing how much better our relationship is. God can take something so bad and make it amazing. I can honestly say I love my husband more and more every day. Thanks you so much MR for helping us get back on track."
Mark & Tammy

"We cannot say enough about this program. Tammy and I were on a one way road to destruction in our lives. We had actually filed divorce and were in a deep and ugly custody battle over our five year old daughter. Upon completing the program, we immediately dropped the divorce and became a complete family again. Now, Tammy and I are the strongest and most united we have ever been in the 10 years we have been together. What we learned this weekend is that ANY marriage can be restored. No matter what has happened or how ugly it has been, with the help of this program, any marriage can be restored."
Michael & Tammy

"This weekend has been the best weekend of our lives. I know that if we would not have come here, we would have never made it in our marriage. God has blessed our lives so much through the MarriageRestored weekend. It was good to know that other couples have been through the same or similar thing that we have and have made it beyond their crisis."
RAL - Wisconsin

"Our marriage was over. I had the house picked out that the children and I were going to move into. My pastor suggested attending the MarriageRestored weekend and I readily agreed. My husband was reluctant at first - why should we travel 4 1/2 hours for strangers to save our wrecked marriage. He was sure there was nothing they could do for us. WOW! What a powerful and intense weekend. We now have a new start (beginning). WE are both glad we came."
SLH - Minnesota

"Sometimes marriage seminars waste time dancing around the issues. MarriageRestored is not that type of ministry. By helping couples learn to communicate, they helped us get beyond our crisis."
JRA - Indiana

"When we began this weekend, we were hopeful, yet skeptical. We thought our problems were so much worse than everyone elses. Sure, the program would probably work for the other couples, but how could it help us? Well, our God is awesome! This weekend worked true miracles in our marriage. We learned communiction skills and concepts that helped us get through issues we never dreamed we'd be able to get through in a weekend - we hadn't been able to work through them in five years!"

"My husband and I attended a Marriage Restored weekend last year, and are still amazed by the results. It brought a great healing to our marriage and brought our hearts back together after a lot of hurt and hopelessness."
Anonymous Participant

"Our weekend with MarriageRestored was the best thing that ever happened to us. We had been to counseling two different times, but what we learned on our weekend greatly surpassed all of it. The weekend saved our marriage. We now have tools to help us through struggles and trials we will face in our future. We now see a bright future for our marriage. Meeting our presenters and hearing their testimonies has given us real hope. We both had infidelity issues in our marriage. Where once, all hope was lost we have gained a renewed and loving marriage. I have already recommended this to other couples that are in crisis. We always knew we loved each other but were not communicating well with each other at all. Now we are."
Jim & Lisa

"I now realize how valuable the MarriageRestored weekend was. The skills that we learned to help deal with any issue cannot have a value placed upon them. MarriageRestored changed my faith ... I realized how great God is. "
JR - Illinois

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