Now we have the tools we need to recover our relationship and look to
the future. — A&K, Indiana

This weekend could have easily been called Marriage Renewed. — A&J,

A renewed sense of belonging, a renewed feeling of value, a renewed
sense of importance…a renewed hope for future. — A&J, Tampa

We found our future. — J&R, Wichita

MarriageRestored gave us the tools to communicate. — F&D,

Our old relationship is gone… We left it at the MarriageRestored
weekend and are ready to start fresh. — SM, Dallas

Thank you, MarriageRestored, for showing us how to dig deep and fight
for our marriage! It was a life changing experience. — M&L, San Antonio

Every conversation was defensive, often a full-blown argument.
MarriageRestored gave us a solid foundation to build from. — J&J,

I believe our weekend saved us from divorce. — J&J, Kentucky

We came to the weekend feeling isolated… We thought no one would
understand the kind of problems we struggled with. On our weekend,
we learned that we are not alone! — R&M, Florida

We left our weekend with renewed hearts and minds. — J&K, Louisiana